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To promote climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience among smallholder tea farmers for sustainable tea production

Specific Objective Key Activities
To promote climate adaptation mechanisms among the small holder tea farmers
  • Awareness and educational campaigns on environmental sustainability
  • Sustainable management of forests in the communities through planting of trees
  • Sustainable efficient management of soil and water resources
  • Catchment and river line protection in the communities
  • Water harvesting structures
  • Early warning systems for action
  • Carbon credits
  • Youth in tea production
To promote climate change mitigation to maximize tea production among the small holder tea farmers
  • Establishment of tree nurseries at schools, as the centres, that brings together the parents and the students together
  • National partnerships on tree planting
  • Promotion of use of solar energy
  • Promotion of renewable energy use
  • Waste management
To promote the link between research and policy in climate change
  • Promote research in tea production for sustainability
  • Promote partnership with research institutions/bodies
  • Mobilize resources to create a research fund on climate change mitigation and adaptation targeting the small holder tea farmers sector