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Theory of Change

The Foundation is a vehicle through which KTDA Holdings and its subsidiaries carry out corporate social investments (CSI). The Key objective of the Foundation is to initiate interventions that improve the welfare of small holders’ tea farmers in Kenya through strategic partnerships in areas of education, health, economic empowerment and environmental conservation.

To be able to bring about socio economic transformation for the small holder tea farmers, the Foundation has a focus on four key programme pillars. The Foundation’s programmes are aligned to Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals since the tea sector is a major contributor to the socio economic development of the country.

The KTDA CSI business model is driven by sustainability anchored on 3 components:

  • The need to address environmental sustainability and climate change challenges for our tea business depends on the environment.
  • The need for KTDA Foundation to address social welfare issues that affect our farmers primarily driven by shared value and collaborative partnerships.
  • The need to enhance KTDA brand and reputation as an entity that engages its stakeholders holistically.