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The most important resource at KTDA is its human resource that cascades to the bottom of the tea production pyramid. Productivity of tea farming is impacted by the health of farmers. It is estimated that 50% of tea farmers are above the age of 60 years. Unfortunately, this is the cohort that is most vulnerable to non-communicable diseases (NCD) and other health issues related to the elderly. Access to health and medical services is still the greatest challenge to health care delivery in Kenya with a limited percentage of the population having access to modern health facilities.

The KTDA Foundation through its health pillar has contributed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by providing access to primary healthcare (SDG 3) and access to clean water (SDG 6) through adaption of innovative health interventions like medical camps, prevention programmes such as health seeking behaviour through behaviour change communication to address the problem of Non Communicable Diseases (NCD)s.

To cater for challenges on nutrition that our farmers face, KTDA Foundation recently launched a programme dubbed Improving Diets among Small Holder Tea Farmers in Kenya (TEAFAM) in partnership with Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) funded by the Dutch Government.

The foundation has also partnered with partners such as Taylors of Harrogate,Ringtons and East African Tea Trading Association (EATTA) to provide access to clean drinking water and improving hygiene in schools. Through this partnership over 133 tanks have been provided to needy schools in the tea catchment areas in support of Water Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH) programs. This includes a water harvesting facility for each of the schools provided with the tanks.

Kapsara Tea Factory Water Tank Donation – Milima Secodary School

Imenti Tea Factory Medical Camp

Kangaita Tea Factory Medical Camp – Kariko Dispensary

Olengurone Tea Factory Medical Camp

Rukuriri Tea Factory Medical Camp

KTDA Water tank Flag off