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Climate change continues to be one of the existential threats to humanity. This means that local smallholder tea farmers and their communities are on the front lines of climate change risks due to their dependency on stable temperatures and consistent rainfall patterns. These communities do not have the resources to combat climate change effects on their own and further degradation of natural resources and ecosystems will increase poverty, hunger and economic inequality.

In partnership with various stakeholders KTDA Foundation implements various programs to help combat climate change. Under this pillar the Foundation focuses on promoting climate change mitigation, adaptation and resilience building among smallholder tea farmers for sustainable tea production. Major actions revolve around resilience-building in the face of challenges posed by climate change, sustainable environmental management, protection of high value eco-systems and landscape restorations, Research and Policy Influencing.

The Foundation in partnership with factories has established over 31 indigenous, exotic and fruit tree nurseries. Over 2.4 million trees have been planted in farms and major water catchment areas and public forests.

The KTDA Foundation in partnership with various schools in our tea catchment areas is running an environmental conservation campaign for schools dubbed Greening Kenya One Tree at a Time . This is a pilot programme targeting 28 schools to plant 5600 fruit trees which will contribute to environmental conservation as well as nutrition once the fruit trees mature.

Farmers are also encouraged to adopt clean, renewable energy by the Foundation through promotion of and access to clean and renewable energy such as energy saving stoves, solar lighting products and biomass.

Tirgaga tree planting exercise in region 5

Theta Tea Factory – Tree planting and water tank donation

Nyankoba Tea Factory – Tree planting and water tank donation

Mungania Tea Factory – Tree planting and water tank donation donation

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