KTDA Foundation trains 234 TESAs for the Holistic Economic and Social Empowerment Programme   |    KTDA Foundation Donates Dignity Kits in Gathuthi Catchment Area   |    KTDA Foundation Donates Water Tank in Gathuthi Catchment Area   |   

Smallholder farmers are crucial actors in global agriculture, and supporting the livelihoods of nearly 2 billion people. Smallholders feed up to 80 percent of the total population in Asia and Sub Saharan Africa and this is true for those in the tea sector. The small holder farmers present both risks and opportunities for the company. KTDA works directly with 611,000 farmers and indirectly impacts over 4 million people. This pillar focuses on building the capacities of the farmers and their households so as to increase their disposable income from increased tea earnings, savings and venturing into complementary green economy business enterprises (alternative livelihoods).

KTDA Foundation is helping farmers to plan and invest wisely the income they receive from tea sales. Additionally, we train them on how to make their money work for them, decision making and on how to manage their loans and finances. We are currently training farmers in financial literacy in collaboration with International Finance Corporation (IFC). This is an ongoing project that envisions to train 192,000 farmers across the 69 KTDA factories. The Foundation is also in the process of designing entrepreneurship programmes that focus on green business ventures that also focus on conserving the environment.

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