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Makomboki-Mairi Maternity Wing Project

Status – Completed

Period: June 2019 – March 2021

Partners: Taylors of Harrogate and Ethical Tea Partnership

Factory: Makomboki

Aim of the project

The project aims to assist the community in the completion of a maternity structural building and purchase equipment that will enable the provision of affordable, easy and essential maternity and health services. It will also develop an effective response to the challenges currently faced by residents and hired labourers such as nutritional issues, increased cases of gender violence, reported cases of early and not planned pregnancies, high rate of school dropout, increased number of street children, poor working conditions, child labour, and drug abuse.

Expected Beneficiaries

  • 21,000 women and children who cover 60% of a total population of over 35,000
  • Hired labour estimated at 3,500
  • 300 Makomboki tea factory staff and workers

Impact and Progress

  1. Renovation and equipping of the maternity wards to reduce distances expectant mothers travel to reach maternity services. This also encourages birth in a medical facility thus reducing child and maternal deaths related to childbirth.
  2. The county government will deploy more medical personnel to Mairi Health Center to suit the status of a health centre which will be gazetted by the county government. This means that the operations of the newly upgraded health facility will be offered for 24 hours and also offer a wide variety of services.
  3. The project was launched on 19th March 2021 in the presence of the Muranga County government represented by the County Executive Committee Member for health, the Member of Parliament, the Member of the County Assembly, the local government, the community members, KTDA Management Services, Makomboki Tea Factory, KTDA Foundation and, the Ethical Tea Partnership.