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Access to Medical Services and Capacity for Community Health Volunteers

Status: Ongoing

Period: 2016 to current

Donor: TOH and KTDA Foundation

Factory: Chinga, Gathuthi, Githongo, Gachege, Githambo, Gatunguru, Iriaini, Imenti, Igembe, Kangaita, Kanyenyaini, Kapkatet, Kapkoros, Kathangariri, Kapsara, Kapset, Kiamokama, Kiru, Kiegoi, Kebirigo, Mataara, Momul, Motigo, Mudete, Nduti, Nyamache, Nyankoba, Olenguruone, Tegat, Theta, Tombe, Rukuriri & Weru

The main aim of this program is to improve the health of our farmers and their communities.

The program has the following 3 components:

  1. Access to medical and health services through the implementation of medical camps
  2. Health system strengthening through capacity building for Community Health Workers on key disease prevention strategies including nutrition and behaviour change

This program is being implemented through the following main activities:

  1. Implementation of medical camps which will be implemented in select KTDA-managed factory catchment areas
  2. Capacity building for Community Health Volunteers on disease prevention and management with a focus on nutrition


Impact and Progress:

  1. Over 40,000 people received medical services in the 38 medical camps. The services offered include breast, cervical and prostrate cancer screening, blood sugar and blood pressure screening
  2. Over 530 Community Health Volunteers have been trained to increase their capacity on knowledge of Non-Communicable diseases and other diseases.